: Bilstein

05-27-2005, 03:19 PM
Whats the differance between the 5100 and the 5125?

I ordered the 5100 and got the 5125.

05-27-2005, 04:16 PM
Whats the differance between the 5100 and the 5125?

I ordered the 5100 and got the 5125.

5100's are the direct replacement shocks, and the 5125's are the Universal shock.

The Tacoma 5100 is a 6.5" on one side and a 6.0" travel on the other with the correct 3/4 ID bushing. Most people use a 8.5" 5125 and change out the bushings to a 3/4 ID and bolt them on for a little extra travel. OR with a lift a 10" 5125 can be used.

05-28-2005, 01:26 PM
If ya got the 5125's check that one is BES 6253 and the other is BES 6252. I just had the 5125's put on and they put on 6253's on both sides and it droops an inch and more on the drivers side. A 6252 should be on the drivers side. 'Bout 1/2 inch shorter. If your in my area of Hemet. CA. Don't go to Xtreme Performance and Fabrication 'cause these guys haven't a clue about Taco's. Of course I didn't find this out until it's installed. I'm still trying to get them to make it right. I originally ordered the 5100's and they got that wrong too... They have denied they're mistake even after I pointed it out to them. I told them to check with any reputable Toyota shop/mfg. or even the Dealer and they could confirm the difference in lengths. All Taco drivers side Rr. shocks need to be 1/2 inch shorter. 5125's are probably better as they extend more = more travel. "I might be a moron, but... incompetence is even worse".

If your not lifting use the 5100's = 6" and 6 1/2" (travel) respectively. If your lifting 1-3" go with the 5125's = 8" and 8 1/2" (travel) respectively. You'll need the correct bushings with the 5125's as they are a universal and come with the incorrect bushings. Valving is 'bout the same. Make sure inquire that the order is for a Taco so you get the unequal length shocks.