: Rear end pop

08-18-2008, 01:37 PM
OK, so last night after running MSV/Coney, and Carnage i noticed when i turn left (and only left), my rear end binds up, then the left rear wheel pops.

Could it be the locker didnt dis-engage all of the way, and is kind of stuck in this half engaged position?

Sorry i cant offer much more info, its just that simple lol... the rear end loads up tension, then pops... feels like the lockers on, but instead of the tires chirping, something pops then it winds back up.

Going to be tearing apart my whole axle this evening and taking a look into it.

08-18-2008, 02:00 PM
could it be axle wrap? I noticed that you had ALOT of pinion angle change on the trail when you would gas it. It was twisting the axle on the springs about 15 degrees:confused:

Quick Draw
08-18-2008, 04:21 PM
Better make sure that fork is slid over all the way on the locker. So when are you going to actually wire something up? The only other thing I can think of is that somehow your transfer case is still locked... Maybe the deep water played a role?

08-18-2008, 06:53 PM
its neither the locker or the the transfer case.

its coming from the left rear wheel, specifically. Way outwards of the diff, i just isolated it to that specific point, draining the diff now to pull the shaft and check to see how the wheel bearing feels, im kind of leaning way towards that wheel bearing being toasted lol

The diff oil is amazingly clean... not.

Its a nice coffee w/creamer color with a few small chunks of metal in it :mad:

Ike - ive noticed i get a shit load of axle wrap too, i think its the OME springs, might be time for some alcans or something.

As for wiring, its going to get done this week, or next. Doug is willing to let me tear apart his dash to trace the 4 wires i need. Which, i dont really even have to trace them. Just take a test light and find the 2 power, and 2 ground.

08-18-2008, 07:47 PM

wheel bearing has absolutely no play, everything in the drum looks fine, shoes are a little worn, but i know that wouldnt cause this problem.

Ideas anybody?

If i cant figure it out, im just going to drop it at my mech and have him diagnose it for me.

08-18-2008, 09:03 PM

I may have been the last one to touch those brakes. Check that the two springs that tie the shoes together are on there correctly (not just tight). Don't know how to check it, other than a picture:

rear axle housing assembly (http://www.ncttora.com/fsm/2003/Repair_Manual/03tacoma/sa/ras/comp.pdf)

Sorry if I screwed it up. You can get popping if they are twisting the brake shoes.

That housing was so nasty and has had so many broken gearsets in it that I would not worry about ANYTHING that comes out of it - as long as it spins.

08-18-2008, 09:16 PM
I don't know of anything else out there that could cause that popping. If it's the brakes, it will tend to "ring" when it pops.

08-18-2008, 10:16 PM
how does the center pin on your springs look?

Just an idea.

I havent gotten any noticable axle wrap with my springs yet. better keep my fingers crossed.

08-18-2008, 10:49 PM
My springs wrap like no other too.

So do my folks stock 04 taco springs.

It is the nature of leaf springs to wrap. It is their downside.

good luck with the diagnosis, hope its nothing major.

08-19-2008, 01:14 AM

Locker actuator was stuck half in/half out, my theory (since im not 100% positive on how the locker actually ties the two shafts together) is it was putting enough pressure on the locker to keep both of them spinning under a small load, but when i started turning it would slip, and the gear set would pop.

I've also noticed, the gear set has an excessive amount of backlash in it now. The guy i bought the setup from said if i ever have problems with it, call him. So im going to contact him tomorrow and see what we can do about it, since i KNOW its going to blow, and its going to blow SOON.

The popping is fixed, kind of. With the locker engaged, turning on pavement, you can still hear the gear set popping, which, my guess, is backlash related as well. It's never been an issue until recently.

To top it all off, i blew the motor in my second vehicle today! ahahaha, when it rains it pours!

08-19-2008, 07:47 AM
Man, that sucks!

Holler if you need a hand.

08-19-2008, 08:25 AM
i am willing to help out with anything also.

08-19-2008, 11:01 AM
Locking diffs always have more backlash than open diffs.

or is it more than it had when you first put it in?

08-19-2008, 01:35 PM
Thanks guys, i'll keep you all posted as to whats going to happen.

Troy - its had a significant jump in the amount of backlash since it's been put under my truck.

08-20-2008, 12:40 AM
I'll be wrenching this weekend if you need a hand.

08-20-2008, 01:47 AM
Thanks guys, i'll keep you all posted as to whats going to happen.

Troy - its had a significant jump in the amount of backlash since it's been put under my truck.

I'll wrench for ya. But I have to work fri and sat :D

08-20-2008, 01:42 PM
Well its been torn apart and put back together already, i didnt pull the 3rd, but i pulled both shafts and the splines looked fine (no abnormal wear or anything).

As stated, the locker was half engaged, and i think thats what was causing it, the rear end still makes quite a bit of noise, especially with the locker engaged. I think i'll start with the what should be free to me method (guy i bought the setup from, said if it ever blows, call him, and he'll take care of it), and get the R/P replaced, then go from there.

Brian (thefatkid) can do diffs, correct?

08-20-2008, 06:58 PM
Brian (thefatkid) can do diffs, correct?

Yes, but to what extent in the field, he'd have to answer.

Quick Draw
08-20-2008, 11:03 PM
I had a rear end pop....turns out that was just the noise of my leaf springs fucking themselves over...:(

08-20-2008, 11:30 PM
I think you should look at replacing them over the winter. They looked like they had been used hard and werent taking it to well when i saw them last.

08-20-2008, 11:45 PM
Kyle, just read your other posts. That sucks man. Have you thought about Deavers or OME's?