: 1999 Toyota Front Bumper Needed

08-25-2008, 03:49 PM
I have damaged the passenger side of a 1999 Toyota Tacoma front bumper. Have tried to find an inexpensive after market (maybe tube) bumper with no luck, either because of cost (All Pro) or the way it looks and the added weight (Baja/ARB/Bentup). Downey had the perfect bumper for the right price, but no longer makes it. So I have all but given up on finding an after market bumper I can afford, that looks good on a street vehicle. Therefore, right now I am looking for someone who replaced their 1999 bumper and wants to sell the bumper cover and any or all parts I may be able to use?? I am located in Denver and am having damage repaired up in Fort Collins.

In addition, I'd like to know if I could possibly replace the 1999 piece of junk bumper cover with maybe another years Tacoma bumper cover/valance etc., that will fit, which may add some more strength? Jim's Used Toy Parts has 2001 and 2002 kits (will either year work on my vehicle?). I don't do any serious off-roading with this vehicle because I use it for work. Any suggestions would help! Thanks.