: Yokohama Geolander balancing?

Pup Daddy
12-17-2004, 06:57 PM
What I have now are the 33x12.50x16 Trxus MT on an 03 trd doublecab 4x4(yes they rub). They have 2500 miles on them and I have went to 3 different tire places to have them balanced and they cannot get it done :mad: . Two tires have high spots on them so they all tell me the tires are crap. I'm looking to change tires. I like the looks of the geo MT but know nothing about the geos. I was thinking of going with a 265x75x16 this time to maybe decrease the rubbing factor. Does anyone have any issues with having them balanced? Do they run true to size or are they smaller? What kind of mileage is everyone getting out of these? Most of time I'm on the pavement but I want a more rugged looking tire. Thanks for any replies!!

Oh yeah, any one interested in a crappy set of Trxus mt's. :D

12-17-2004, 11:18 PM
Call Super Swamper and tell them about your tire. Depending on how many miles are on them, they might replace them.

12-20-2004, 11:16 AM
They should replace them. I had them on my Explorer and the lugs started to peel off after about 11,000 miles. I sent them a letter with pictures and they said they would replace all four tires. Great customer service of that company. You have to expect a tire that is that aggressive is going to be very hard to balance (and stay balanced).

Pup Daddy
12-20-2004, 05:14 PM
Well I faxed Interco today at 2:30pm. At 5:00pm they called the house and I spoke with them about my situation with the TrXus's. The lady I spoke with said she is going to have the factory call me tomorrow and they would see what they could do. She talked like they would replace 2 tires, and possibly all 4. It's hard to beat customer service like that. I'll post as soon as I find out the final word.

Pup Daddy
01-03-2005, 03:20 PM
Just an update. The tire factory contacted me today and ask if I wanted 2 or 4 new tires. Of course I said 4 :D . They said as soon as they receive my old ones they will ship out 4 new ones. So far, great customer service.