: Desoto Mine Trail 12-23-08

Stealth 4x4
12-23-2008, 08:21 PM
Not sure if this counts as an "event" or not, but I'll post some trail conditions in case anyone's wondering. On sort of a last-minute decision,two of us made a day run out the Desoto Mine Trail today and it was pretty nice out there. Weather was cool, with just a few clouds, and the conditions were pretty sweet. A little mud in the depressions (a couple of soft spots that left some sticky clay mud to wash off later), just a tiny bit of snow and hail still on the ground in a few places in the shadows, and some ice in the creek.

For the most part the trail conditions were really ideal. Just wet enough to keep the dust down and make the surface pretty grippy where there weren't mud puddles. I had a bit of trouble getting up one wet steep area with my worn out tires, but after getting some good tips from Scott I took a better line and got up the hill just fine. Used the Budbuilts a few times, but nothing to write home about. I got out to check the trail and choose a line in the bigger rocks, but for the most part the trail is in pretty good shape after the last storm, (do-able with my 31's and 3-inch lift, with some optional rougher spots I went around if you want to run them). Scott made it look easy on 33's with a bit more skill chosing the better lines.

A few inches of standing water in the rocks in the creek, but no deep crossings or anything to worry about. We saw some fresh tracks where a few other rigs had been through recently, but really only saw one hunter on a quad the whole way on the trail. So it was quiet and peaceful out there aside from the occasional crunching sounds when we put the plates to good use, did add a new scrape on the pumpkin, but not bad. I took a wrong turn about every place where I could take a wrong turn (sorry, man), but even so we made it through the trail itself from CK road to Senator Hwy in about 4 hours.

Most of my pics today were taken with the film camera, but here are a couple I took with the digital. Maybe Scott has a few more he can post up?


12-23-2008, 08:40 PM
This was a fun run. The weather was perfect, and we had the trail pretty much all to ourselves. Thanks for showing me around, John.






12-24-2008, 08:03 AM
hey you went wheelin and it looked like a good time....... thanks for sharing.