: Towing - a little diff than the normal ????'s

07-09-2005, 06:41 PM
I have a trailer that I pull my 700lb ATV with on a bi-weekly basis. I also have another 750-1000lbs of various other stuff (camping gear, bike, 2nd ATV.........) that I also carry at times.

My questions is: Would it benefit me to put EVERYTHING on the trailer and leave no payload but the tongue weight? I understand the Gross towing values...I just want to know more about the positioning of the weight as it relates to towing performance.

Thanks for your help.


07-09-2005, 11:07 PM
id put shit in the bed, and trailer...

do a google search, itll give you some good towing info.

i always have shit in the bed and trailer, think about it... though, i am running chevy springs :)

07-10-2005, 01:13 AM
Here's my thoughts.... It's better to have a level truck then a low backend when you tow. If your backend drops too much it's just harder on the truck. So I put as much into the trailer as I can instead of the bed because the additional tongue weight on the hitch will be a lot less than loading it in the bed.

The dark side to this method is overweighting the trailer and braking issues with a heavy trailer. But if you have lots of trailer payload left and possibly trailer brakes it's a non-issue.


07-11-2005, 01:53 PM
Okay, I'll see what I can stuff onto the trailer. However, I just bought the ALCAN HD Tacoma springs and they will probably help out my sagging @ss situation.

I guess the leafs were designed to be used on Tacomas with a cap on and 100-200lbs of tools. I don't have a cap and I carry around half that weight in the usual junk. I'll post after they are installed to let everyone know how they work out for me.


11-30-2005, 02:44 AM
what was the result?

11-30-2005, 03:35 AM
i've always tried to put as much weight over or as close to the rear axle as possible which would mean using the bed. ...as has already been stated, too much weight in the trailer with such a light truck can cause TROUBLE.