: sold sliders now what?

03-22-2011, 03:46 PM
How about these?

http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb211/Bear4x4/welding%20projects/longslider.jpg I still have a long way to go on these, but with the truck still anchored to the driveway, I figure I will have plenty of time.


main beam is a 2"x5" (I wanted it to by 1"x either 5" or 6" but beggers can't be choosey especially with someone elses surplus)

outter tubes are 1.75" .120 walled and will be attached to the 2x5 with same stock material.

the body of the sliders will be attached with the same square .188 2"x2" tubing I used for my last sliders. Unlike my last sliders, the legs reaching back to the frame will also be gusseted on both ends with 3/16" plate.


(I need to clean out the garage..I have only caught the trash can on fire so far)

I slightly under estimated the weight of these and for the first time of my trucks life...I am concerned with the amount of weight I am adding to it overall. these sliders are definitely stout. I estimate the weight of each slider to be close to 90lbs.

but with the width of the main beams, I am able to reduce the length of the legs even more so the leverage on the legs is actually smaller than it was with the old sliders which never bent or deflected in their life on the truck and in the deep rocks.

These sliders actually stick out from the truck a little less than the older ones at 14" from 15" away from the frame while actually protecting the pinch weld area better.

and just to prove that I am searching for a job :cool: here are a couple of shots of another project I am also finishing up.



It's a portfolio case I will carry with me on job interviews. plans now for it are to chrome or nickle plate the case to make it stand out more than it already does (most people carry vinyl folder type cases). right now it just needs to have the inside cleaned up and some pin holes rewelded.

with it being smaller in dimention than my current plexiglass case the weight will be about the same even with the plating.

I am not used to having items plated, but I found a grizzled old timer on the East side of down town that was impressed with the case, but he sent me away to clean up the inside as I stated. I am suppose to bring back some "swimsuit" shots for him. I guess anything is worth a shot if it will yield a discount in price for me. ;)

edit:okay, the weight of these babies isn't 90lbs but they are heavy. probably closer to 60-75 lbs.

03-30-2011, 12:47 AM
EVERYONE LIKES PICTURES SO i'LL FILL THIS POST WITH THEMSliders are basically done, waiting on paint to dry so that I can weld them to the truck after I get a few delays out of the way.

pretty damn symetric thanks to jeep crasher's bending skillz


closer angle of the photo above (just because I always shoot tighter perspectives of all my shots)

this is about the worst joint I welded. It's a bit hard to make out in the photo, but even with the bugger weld job, I still got very good penetration (it's never been a problem for me so I have been told! ;) :rolleyes:

here's a side by side shot of the two finished sliders. from this perspective you would be looking back at the truck from the front. passenger/left~driver/right

this angle shows how wide the sliders actually are. the saw horses are standard size approximately 20" wide and the sliders are completely covering them.

With the legs being as short as they are, and the last set of sliders not having gussets yet were longer legged, I decided to forego the gussets on the frame end of the legs.

I already welded the gussests into the slider side of the legs, otherwise I may have passed on installing them as I am going to with the other gussets. But they are already in and not hitting on anything so they are staying.

speaking of the joint between the leg and slider, here is a shot of a couple of legs before adding the gussets. Ginding/sanding down the weld wasn't necessary, just personal preference. the side you are viewing is actually the bottom side of the slider so the feathered joint will make sliding over rocks a bit more smooth.

Oh! almost forgot to post a few of the shots I am most proudest of:

I actually did not have to hobble his feet or twist his arm to get him to help me work on the toy, he actually volunteered. I'm over looking the fact that I was able to grind down the entire four from the driver's side while he "messaged" one off the passenger side, but he finished all the passenger side by himself, and even attempted to use the 7" grinder for a while. (Just no body tell him he ain't driving the toyota to school like he thinks he wants to...but it does make for some good motivation for cheap labor. :cool:

Never being one to work on a single project at the time, I guess you could say I multi-task with everything I do, here is a teaser shot of another project other than the portfolio case I am also working on;
this is a tight close up of a 4" bead I ran on an outside corner. producing a fillet weld was really not an option as the metal was fairly thin (16g) Overall I think the weld will hold nicely for that it will be purposed for.
to see what the welds are for, you will have to tune into my next thread to see what I am actually building if you have not already been tipped somewhere else I posted.

so if you are keeping score , bear on three courts simotaninously about to drive to the basket on all three.

I suppose the next group of slider photos i'll post to this thread will be install photos. currently the metal is sitting on the horses letting it's paint dry...not much exoctic there from me on this one.

I could have gone balls out on these sliders and painted the round bar a dfferent or contrasting color but I didn't just good ole fashion gloss black.

all this while also activily searching for a job and being domesticated.

03-30-2011, 01:02 AM
a bit :xofftopic but not so far fetched, I heard a quote the other night while watching "son's of Guns" I think it suits my mentality to the t regarding all the modifications I have put onto the ole girl "BearAttack"

I believe that is good sig material right thar there! :missingto:jawdrop:

04-04-2011, 03:11 PM
the truck is sitting in the driveway wet with rain and with one slider on.

I mounted the passenger side yesterday against my better judgement but it is on. I say against my better judgement because of the wind.

But since the truck is parked on the left side of my driveway, I decided to use my ford as a wind break and welded between the two trucks. The welds feel solid, but I am hoping for a lot less wind to weld the driver's side.

Final mounting location is 1/2" below the pinch weld. A little tight but looks good IMO. With the stock thickness, I don't think there will be very much if any deflection. With my overweight body mass, I can bounce up and down on the slider and the truck's suspension moves like the titanic on the Atlantic but the slider doesn't budge.

Photos to follow mounting the driver's side hopefully tomorrow. ( IF I am able to walk by then... screwed up my back again turning dirt in the back yard to reseed the grass)

04-07-2011, 11:17 PM
I actually installed the passenger side slider on Saturday but waited until Monday to install the driver's side due to the wind.

I also did not notice the white balance on my phone camera was set for the flourecents in my garage so the photos have a blue balance to them. (hey! I am rusty, I haven't had to think much about photo settings in over a year now)

I am not very proud of the finished welds that have the sliders mounted to the truck, but they feel solid, I guess we'll find out if they are or not when I am finally able to hit the rocks with the truck.

http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb211/Bear4x4/truck%20modifactions/berrysphone002.jpg couldn't get a clear shot of the truck without trees or shrubs since the truck is still immobile but y'all know what a tacoma looks like (for that fact everyone knows what a taco with sliders look like)

The gap between the sliders and the pinch weld is 1/2". I know most think you need more of a gap due to deflection, but with the 2" square tubing less than 7" long, there will not be much deflection. I like how the "oversized" sliders dissappear in the style and shadow lines of the truck
If you get a tape measure out, you will see that there is actually a 1/4" feather from front to rear although they appear to be straight. I purposely built the rears further out like this as I have discovered from experience a slight taper such as this will actually help push trees away from the cab. I would have liked the outter tubes further away from the truck but I sacraficed a little function for assethics.

I meant to straighten/bend out the pinch weld on the driver's side put there by steps I once had on the truck, but I forgot until after I already had the slider tack welded onto the truck.:o (can you believe I actually had vandals steal my "toy taco" emblems off my fender while the truck has been sitting in my driveway? :mad:






04-08-2011, 03:52 PM
Those look really nice. Mush better than your old ones IMHO. Still using the flux core?

04-08-2011, 04:01 PM
thanks, and no.

04-08-2011, 06:29 PM
What welder do you have now? Those didn't look like flux core welds...not nearly enough splatter LOL.

For now I am having to make my HF flux core work...but I'm not happy about it.

04-10-2011, 08:36 PM
Don't worry about pinch weld clearance....yours are a mile away compared to mine...my pinch weld is knotched and the legs ( 2x2 .188 wall ) run through it about .25" from the rocker.....they have never hit once.

04-11-2011, 01:50 PM
What welder do you have now? Those didn't look like flux core welds...not nearly enough splatter LOL.

For now I am having to make my HF flux core work...but I'm not happy about it.

It's a gas shielded 230 v mig welder.

The flux core 110 v welder we used on your tube doors blew the transformer, which was the reason we could not get a good bead out of it.

After using this machine I couldn't imagine going back to flux core or a 110v welder again. I am really apprecaiting the opportunity of using this machine. I just need to find a job soon so I can continue using it.:o

04-11-2011, 01:52 PM
my other sliders were mounted using 2x2 .188 walled square tubing also. I actually bent the front tube on them coming off a 3-4ft water fall. But typically you shouldn't be able to bend such material with our trucks, but you never know.

Not worrying so much about the mounting tubes deflecting as much as I am in my welding abilities.