: hacked email, need advise

04-01-2012, 10:33 AM
About 6-8 wks ago I started receiving 20-40 spam emails a day on my yahoo acct. Shortly thereafter it was brought to my attention that several people in my contact list have been receiving spam emails that appear to be sent from my email
Initially I did nothing, then after this happened again a week later I deleted my contact list and changed my password
I thought I was good and received no complaints for 2 wks, then Friday it was brought to my attention that several people once again received spam from my email. BTW I forgot to mention these spam emails do not appear in my sent box
Any advice?

04-01-2012, 08:12 PM
I had this happen to my gmail account about 2 years ago. Gmail actually blocked my account from sending messages and made me change my password before I could do anything with it. After changing my password, the outflow of spam seemed to stop

When you deleted all the contacts and changed your email address, did you change the password on your old email address too? Also, when you said that your friends started getting spam email again, are they from the old address or the new. The problem might be on the computer you use for checking your email.

04-02-2012, 07:19 AM
oops, I meant I changed password, not changed address, I corrected my above post

I suppose I could try changing my password again but short of that is there anything else to try before I give up this adress and start a new one

04-02-2012, 12:30 PM
Before changing your password, get a decent ant-virus/malware program and scan your computer. That may be how your password is getting out. Also, I would recommend after the scan, change your password once a week for about a month. I know that with my gmail account, if I change my password, I can still log in with the old for a couple days after changing it.

01-14-2014, 12:52 PM
I would recommend using Malwarebytes to run a scan. It will pick up a lot more than your normal antivirus programs. For you password make sure your not using any word that can't be found in a dictionary. I always try to remember a sentence for my password and use the first letter of each word and even add symbols. I use to get my email account hacked years ago but after changing my password I have never had a problem again....yet.