: Big Bear 2/26/06

03-06-2006, 11:21 PM
My buddy bought a new 4runner similar to mine. I talked him in to wheeling it, for the first time. He whacked the skid plate a few times. We basically took Grass Valley Rd to 3n16 to John Bull trailhead, and then cruised back to town. Nothing to hard, but I had fun. I have run John Bull with my Tacoma, but there is no way the 4runner will never do it. There was still snow on the trailhead at least. I had some guy in A Jeep Cherokee stop us, and told me that this was the first time he has seen an 03+ 4runner on the trails up there.

I also found out why I removed the running boards off the 4runner. They hit everything, and bend very easily. I let my Mom use the 4runner for a few weeks taking my Grandma to the doctor twice a week, and I just been to lazy to remove them .

Here are a few pics.