: Industrial size OBA writeup

05-14-2006, 02:12 PM
I had been looking for a solid OBA setup for quite some time and wanted to be able to run air tools off my truck if ever there was a break or emergancy. I came across an OASIS and from a friend and the price was right so I gathered the rest of the parts drove to Ric's Place and got started... I'll walk you through it.

The idea was to remove the spare and the bracket then install two 2.5 gallon VAIR tanks under the bed. Run hose from the compressor to the tanks and then from the tanks to the front and rear of the truck.

First we had to upgrade the battery, the OASIS can pull over 200 amps and if I ever wanted to run the compressor without the truck running I was screwed. I bought a Optima D31T. This battery barely fits in the stock position and needed a tray to go with it. Using the new tray and hardware that was made to fit this battery and the stock "J" hook location we made the top OME bracket work with a little bit of bending. Attached to the battery was a 4 guage wire that we ran to the rear of the truck.

Had to remove the bed, 6 bolts, the gas tank screws, and the tail lights and we were no longer dragging our knuckles on the ground.

Removed the bracket for the spare

We cut down some 4' "L" bracketing steel from Home Depot and found the best place to fit them on the frame and drilled holes through them (no we didn't have a welder). Once they were on target we sprayed them with rustoleum to prolong the life of the steel. We bolted the pieces into place and installed the tanks.

If you don't know me, I am a line-x whore, I already had the tanks sprayed and therefore would be tougher under the truck when exposed to the elements.

The tubing was run just like the illustration above, so that I had access to air from the front bumper and the rear bumper.

We used what was left of the "L" bracket steel to make a bracket for the compressor so that it would stay in place no matter what. We drilled two 3/4" holes in the bed, one to run the wires in and one to run the hose out.

I installed a quick release for the 4 guage negative and positive wires at the compressor. We soldered the wires into terminals that clip into a lareg plastic housing and allow me to disonnect the compressor if need be.

Went out on the trail for the first time about 6 weeks later and at well over 6000 feet I could air up at the same speed as the CO2 tanks. from 15psi to 35psi in around 40 seconds. I run the compressor the whole time I am airing up and it stays steady at about 120psi while I am going from tire to tire. Air tools will run just as well, about 5cfm is needed for air tool and the OASIS puts out 7-10cfm depending on where I am at above sea level.

I still need to put in another safety precaution other than the 2 pop valves in the illustration above. I will purchase a pressure switch to releaave air at a set point (150psi)

05-14-2006, 03:23 PM
i would get a lower pressure switch than that...... i think mine is on at 90 and off at 125..... most air tools dont need more than 90 psi to operate correctly and more than that could cause problems over time....

05-14-2006, 05:13 PM
killer write up!