: CB Radios.. are AWEsome

09-20-2006, 08:30 AM
SOOO I have been using my CB to and from work everday now b/c the entertainment value is priceless, AND they let ya know where the police are sitting.
Yesterday 2 truckers were having a VALID conversation about politics.. I didn't know truckers knew how to talk about anything other than bangin the girl in the car in front of them, calling cute girls with for sale signs with phone numbers in their cars or swearing. (or informing the world they have itchy balls)
ANYWAYS I have been laughing my way to and from work all this week, its great.
AND I gave a trucker directions this morning. HOW can you be a trucker and not carry a map or have pre printed directions to where you need to go? DRR your a driver for a living.

ANYWAYS.. good times.

09-20-2006, 09:13 AM
Totally True. I have never laughed so hard as when Darrick and I first installed my CB and that freak knew exactly all the lingo and he was chatting up a storm with all the truckers.... it was awesome!! The entertainment value is priceless..
How the heck are you Una???

09-20-2006, 09:31 AM
im great molls how are you?
i am learning all my 10- codes :D HAHAHA

09-20-2006, 09:33 AM
yeah I always turn mine on when driving to work just for the trucker police watch on the way to work. :D Plus if there's any kind of accident they'll radio all their trucker buddies what lane they need to be in.... :D

The best part is listening to the 34 year old tweeker guys that have been broadcasting from their Mom's basement for the last 13 plus days solid. :rofl: :rofl: Sounds like their talking in tongue :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

09-20-2006, 09:40 AM
the accents im hearing are great too...
makes me appreciate my northern ohio blah accent :D

09-20-2006, 10:08 AM
I'm good Una, we need to chat! And yeah the accents are killer!

09-20-2006, 11:58 AM
ill be online this evening molleroo

09-20-2006, 12:32 PM
I'll get on chat just for you :-) *smooch*

10-16-2006, 06:42 PM
Hey Una - what is that linky to CB lingo? I want to know what "boobs" refers to in CB lingo...

Well Earl put down his bottle
Mashed his foot down on the throttle
And then a couple of boobs, with a thousand cubes
In a 1948 Peterbuilt screamed to life
from: http://www.narrowgauge.org/4x4/cw_pages/lyrics/spirit/wcp.html

10-17-2006, 10:30 PM
99% positive boob is just old person slang for goof, dork, dweeb, etc.

CW and Earl were the 2 boobs.