: One of WATTORA's favorite trails...

03-17-2005, 10:34 AM
...is featured in 4Wheel Drive and Sport Utility Magazine.

We do the Naches Pass Trail at least once a year, usually more, often with at least one stock Toyota with us and I must admit that we have never managed to put a rig on it's side like the magazine did... it must be a Jeep thing ;) hehehe

Anyway, if you are interested in reading a bit about typical Washington wheeling, check out the article. I have scanned the pages and linked to the online article at; http://www.watrd.com/work/naches/

If that catches your eye, there are photos from our past chapter runs, including many trips across the Naches on our website at http://www.wattora.com/ Just click the "Past Events" link in the navigation bar.