: Newbie questions

03-22-2005, 08:54 AM
I tried searching for some of this but I didn't find an answer. Maybe I just suck at searching.

I recently bought a '90 Ext. Cab, 3.0, 5 spd, 4wd, SR5 truck. It's got some ugly aftermarket "turbine" looking wheels (15x7) and 235/75/15 tires. The tires are almost gone and I need to get a new set. I'd like to get some 15x8 wheels while I'm at it and move up in tires size. I'm still flip-flopping between 31's and 32's. My questions:

1) What backspacing should I get on the 8" wheels? The guy at Discount Tire was saying I should go with about 4". I think that sounds like too much. I want the tires/wheels to give a wider stance.

2) Anybody got a suggestion on a cheap chrome wheel? I don't like the black wheel look with the white/blue stripe truck.

3) Has anyone gone with 32's and been horribly unhappy with the power loss? I'm not looking to change gearing unless I stumble on the right stuff at pull-a-part.

4) Is it possible to drop the front diff around 1-2 inches on this generation truck?

Sorry for the kind of lengthy post. Thanks for any help.


03-22-2005, 09:54 AM
My brother runs 32's on his 91 V6 with stock backspacing on 15x8 rims and no lift (with a small amount of rubbing at full lock and suspension compresion) and loves it. He said he could feel the power loss but it wasn't that bad, but you won't be drag racing any one soon.

The wheels I used to run on my 91 were tailgunners from American Racing


And it is possible to drop the diff but why, you'll just lose clearance uder your truck. Put locking hubs on and get some torsion bars and crank away. Check out Downey Off-road.


03-22-2005, 01:05 PM
Thanks for the info and the links. What is the factory backspace? Do you think your brother would have no rubbing if there was a little less?

I don't disagree that the locking hubs would be better, but if I can make a few spacers to drop the diff then I could do that at work for almost no $$$ (which is about what I currently have to spend on this project). If I spot some locking hubs at pull-a-part sometime I'll definitely grab them regardless of what I do now. I was reading on another site that 14" from rim lip to fender was about as much as you'd want to go with the ADD stuff. I'm at 13.5 now so I'm trying to find another inch. If torsion bar cranking/ball joint spacing adds 1.5 inches to the front, then I drop the diff an inch I'll still have gained a little. Then when I go from the 29-inch tires to 31's or 32's I'll have another 1-1.5". This is my DD so I've got to keep it somewhat conservative.

For the rear I'm thinking I'll make longer shackles and some small blocks. Are the $36 AALs from JC Whitney any good? I kind of doubt it but that'd be another option.