: How many have noticed?

09-28-2007, 01:19 PM
I know it can't just be me, that this happens to! I also am aware, anytime you commit to modifying a vehicle the expenses are going to add up.


We briefly discussed how much $$$$ we all had in vehicles at the truck jamboree. I surprised my wife when I told her the amount I estimated in ours. (note to self, keep price tag conversations from wife). But I digress!

What the purpose of this thread is? See below:

How many have begun a modifaction and before you know it and before you are finished, you have spent 2 or 3 times the amount of money you thought you were going to or had budgeted?

I try to plan each and every mod out down to the nuts and bolts, yet I am always having to run back and forth, send the wife to and from the parts house for additional "oops we forgot's"

I am installing a fuel cell to replace my oem tank (long story) anyway, I figured a budget based on one of the cheaper cells I could find, Figured the price for the metal I was going to go with (most economical way as I was thinking the metal had a good chance of being the most expensive aspect of the project…yet I was wrong with that thought)

Long story short, figured I could put the cell in for less than $200. A stretch for my current budget but do able. Also figured it would be a weekend at most type of project. (Yes my wife reminds me everytime that everytime I say that, the truck is down for minium of a week)

Well I hate it when she is right! the truck went down last Sunday and I haven't moved it since. I could have probably finished by now, but I just kinda stalled out.

The fuel lines I need have been evasive, and the price tag just keeps climbing. Unfortunately since the truck is down I am forced to keep chasing!

But after a few modifactions to my modifying plans, I think I have all the parts. (three trips back and forth to the parts store returning previously bought bad ideas) and of coarse, I went to buy the fuel filler hose, where the cheapest I could find was $13 a foot:eek: I had all the good intentions of going back to that shop and getting it. I ended up getting steel braided hose for a total of $65:buttkick:

So why can't you ever stay on budget and still get the project done on time?

( at least this fuel cell is going to be :xpimp: :cool: )

and before anyone says it! no photos of the project, I am working on a write up in which I can not devulge any images until it is published

09-28-2007, 02:54 PM
On the radio today they used the term "deceptive self rationalization" to describe how people justify to use of "white" lies to make their personal situations seem better than they actually are.


It always looks better/easier traced out on the beer napkin than it actually is.

its guy logic!

Guy logic has me telling my wife that since the armor I want for the taco is more expensive than a sammy, I should just buy the sammy as a dedicated trail rig and save the money/potential damage to the taco..... especially since all that armor on my taco will weigh it down and give me worse gas mileage. girl logic (fwiw) says... uhhm insurance, trailer, repairs to sammy??? Plus: you buy nothin. No fun for you! Give me money now for shoes and purse!

09-28-2007, 03:28 PM
Seeing that I, at one point wanted a sami for a trail rig, I would lean toward that route. but I am not in your purse, I mean shoes:D my wife keeps telling me to wait so that we can afford it easier. but it seems like the only ones that get new toys around the house are the dogs and the children. I don't think I have seen my wife buy herself a "purse" in a long time! She makes me mad because I try to buy her something and she tells me not to. At least I have learned to listen to her…I just take the money she won't let me spend on her and spend it on the truck:D

but back to topic, I am serious. I lay down a viable, solid plan to do a project on the truck, I never rush into it so that I can fully evaluate the how's, the how many's and what to do's. yet I am always running over budget and over time! I know it isn't me subconcisously fooling myself.

09-29-2007, 06:49 AM
Funny thing about wives. When we were discussing children, she kept saying we'd never have them if we waited till we were ready, and if we waited too long, we'd be too old to enjoy them. So, I caved.

Now I use the same logic on her. If I wait till we can afford a sas'd trail rig, I will never have one, or I'll be too old to enjoy it.:)

09-29-2007, 07:53 AM
My rear axle swap got way out of hand way fast............it started out as swapping the rear axle...........I ended up replaceing a whole bunch of crap, swapping the rear axle and the re-gearing both the front and rear :rolleyes: