: Engine Whine...

Quick Draw
11-16-2007, 12:06 AM
My truck has issues when it's really cold...The belts slip, the clutch chatters, and it's hard to shift... This is all stuff I'm used to. Tonight when I fired up my truck after work, it did a new thing.

A very audible whine was coming from the engine. At first, I thought, "Damn it, my power steering pump is probably going to fail...AGAIN." It is not, however, steering related, as far as I can tell. The whine becomes louder at higher RPM, whether under load or not, and falls slower than the engine speed does. I could not quite pinpoint the noise, but it seemed to be coming towards the front of the engine bay. My next thought was, "t-belt?" My truck has 173,000 miles.... I have no idea whether its t-belt has ever been replaced or not... Would the t-belt whine like that, if it were going out? What else could it be?

After the truck warmed up, the noise got less and less audible, and just about the time I was done with my 15 min drive, I couldn't hear it at all. :confused: