: Looking for good info/tech on buying used

04-20-2005, 06:29 PM
Well, there's always a first post. :) Hi guys. Just registered... I'm currently a truck lover without a truck, and the Tacoma is what I'm looking for. My wife and I are diehard Subaru fanatics, and I've been a member on several of those forums for many years.

At this point I'm seriously thinking of saving up a bit and buying a used midsize pickup, and the Tacoma's the one we both like. Definitely want a 5-speed, no questions asked, and a V-6 is preferable. (But I'll step down to the 4 if there's issues mating to a manual, depending upon the year, etc.) I'm not sure what the budget will be.... My guess is somewhere $10K or less, so I'm thinking a late '90s model? Maybe a bit older?

I do not have use for a TRD/offroad package, or the differential/heavy-duty options. I'd say this is mostly going to be for everyday kind of use. It will see snow, however, so if there's some kind of traction package I may consider that. I use two sets of tires/year on my car though, so I've no objections towards buying winter tires for the truck as well. Big believer in the right sneakers. :D

For right now I'd like some info on what was available, what to look for, what to look OUT for, that sort of thing. It's a broad topic and I'll take any suggestions anyone's got.
Yes I'll probably venture into a bit of off-road, but my thing is usually snow and not mud. So maybe some events like that. Anyway, thanks in advance-