: Clip Wash Run -Yuma4wheelers

01-12-2008, 10:23 PM
Meet up with the Yuma4wheelers today and ran Clip Wash. Not really a hard trail but there were a few places to play. There was a total of 17 vehicles on this run but only three of those were Toyota.

Unfortunately, this one had to leave early due to his steering box starting to fail:
This was the bling-bling jeep of the group but also one of the most capable:

We ended up playing in this area a bit waiting for another group that we came across to get ahead of us. There was 5 of us to run this portion of the trail the rest just watched (waiting for photos of my 4runner). This Ranger took the same as I did and had a little harder time despite having front and rear lockers, while I only had a rear locker:


Azredliner truck in action:


The group that was ahead of us stop at one location and were going to turn back. Because one the members trailbazer sat to low and couldn't get over that last little waterfall. Which had stacked rocks due the BLM having to be able to take there truck down it (whit truck in the photo).

The rest of the photos can be found here:

Overall, it was a good day nothing to difficult just long at 140 miles round trip :xzzz: :xzzz: and some ground metal on the botton of my 4runner.

Favorite quote's of the day: "It ain't offroading unless you get body damage", "You not fourwheeling unless you can get a tire off the ground".

Ya, that's why you avoid the area that some of us played on.

01-13-2008, 08:32 AM
Only, two photos of my 4runner and not very exciting at that. Oh, well all that maters is that it was fun.