: how much is it worth?

05-02-2005, 07:10 PM
dont know if this is the right folder but. i found a deal on a build 79 kingpin hp D60 and dont really know what to sell my axle for. axle is HPd44 out of a 78 f250, it has the newer moser inner and outer chromolly shafts, CTM's, Detroit, 5.13's, high steer arms,, 1 1/4 thick ass DOM tie rod (one side has 3/4 hiem, other has solid mount) ball joints have just been replaced, also replaced one outter knuckle (steering arm bolt broke off inside the knuckle), wheel bearings and races are new (timken), axle doesnt have lockouts since i run drive flanges, breaks should be like new since its a trail rig. what cha think??? cant wait to get the new axle and throw on some coilovers front and rear and put the 42's on :welder:

05-02-2005, 09:29 PM
I think that you should ask at least 1200, if not more. Buy the way, when I was looking for an axle there where plenty not as built as yours and they were going for at least 1000. Just my :2cents: