: update

jeep crasher
03-17-2008, 03:57 PM
this is the update for the best offroad vehicle in the group.( i just wish i could drive it)

Great Lakes diff covers installed front and rear
ARB air lines installed
ARB compressor installed
tie rod and drag link made and installed
internal double beadlocks installed
hydro assist ordered
steering box drilled tapped and installed
shocks installed and charged to ride height
cb installed
winch installed
bright and pretty orange flag installed (don't underestimate the small things)
clocking ring for transfer case in but not installed
tubing for roll cage is in and ready to be bent and installed
working on tire carrier mounts and tubing
looking for rock lights
waiting on bear to get his seats to check if my fat a** will fit then ready to order
waiting on clocking ring install to measure and order front and rear driveshafts and measure and make new flat belly skid
then ready to tear it up and start all over


03-17-2008, 06:13 PM
this is the update for the best offroad vehicle in the group.( i just wish i could drive it)
Thanks for the compliment but I think you're mistaken. I don't remember doing any of those things to my truck... :confused:

If it makes you feel better, I'll let you drive it sometime... :D :lmao:

03-17-2008, 10:08 PM
well mine is certainly the worst at the moment so ill just edit the comment about the bum and leave this conversation. :D

03-22-2008, 12:46 AM
Feeling our oats and getting cocky are we? :D

I have been pretty focused on this stupid project I am currently working on and work. Otherwise I have been meaning to call.

and wouldn't you know it the time you call I have my hands full! sorry about that.

Anyway, one thing I have been wanting to talk to you about is the seats. I got an email from the company finally on Wednesday. Although my seats were suppose to be shipping this week. They said that they were having issues getting some parts to complete the order and asked if I would give them two more weeks. (what else am I suppose to do? :mad: ) with a promise that they would throw in some "goodies"

So our wait is going to be longer. I am not even sure I'll have them in before the April Harlan run which I was aiming for! So I may have to install the passenger seat (which is out currently and looking like a race rig) I was keeping it out in anticipation of the new seats getting here soon!

ON an up note, I did get an email today saying that my order from Ballastic shipped today. So in about a week I should have the trans brake and my brackets for the rear suspension.