Toyota Territory Off-Roaders Association (TTORA)
Toyota Territory Off-Roaders AssociationToyota Territory Off-Roaders AssociationToyota Territory Off-Roaders Association
About Us

Shannon Brookshire, Founder of Toyota Territory Off-Roaders Association
Hello fellow Toyota off-road enthusiast! I am Shannon Brookshire, Founder of Toyota Territory Off-Roaders Association (TTORA). We are honored that you have decided to come check us out! TTORA is one of, if not the, largest Toyota off-road clubs around. We are nationwide with chapters in most states and our membership is constantly growing.

I founded TTORA back in April of 1999, although we had previously been an unofficial club since 1998. We have a vast knowledge of tech information as far as Toyotas go. We also consult with Toyota USA from time to time as they are interested in hearing our needs in the off-road world as well as many aftermarket companies who provide Toyota products.

When TTORA was first founded, we were a Tacoma exclusive club, hence our previous name "Tacoma Territory Off-Roaders Association". Over the years as our club grew, we found that more and more non-Tacoma owners were interested in joining our club. So, in August of 2004 we decided to open our membership up to any and all Toyota off-road vehicles. If you have any model of Toyota, whether it be a Tacoma, 4-Runner, Landcruiser, T-100, Tundra, etc. you are certainly welcome to join our club!

One year later, the decision was made to update our club name to reflect this change in our membership. Since we started allowing all Toyota off-road vehicles to join our club, we wanted a name to reflect that. Wanting to keep the acronym "TTORA", as that is how we are most commonly referred to as, the decision was made to replace the word "Tacoma" with the word "Toyota"...making our new name Toyota Territory Off-Roaders Association.

TTORA participates in a wide variety of different styles of off-roading that may interest you. From rock crawling to mud bogging to desert racing, we've got ya covered! You will find that the area in which you live will depend on what type of off-roading your local TTORA chapter is into. In addition to the variety of different types of off-roading, you will find that we also have a variety of different levels of built rigs. From bone stock daily drivers to homemade buggies and in between, we got em all! Most all events that our chapters setup are planned with everybody in mind. So even if you have a stock rig, we certainly don't want you to feel intimidated about coming out to one of our events we want you to come out and have fun with us, because that is what this sport is all about!

Our National Charter is based out of Texas, the good ol' Lone Star State, but as mentioned above we have chapters in most every state. If you need to contact us direct, please feel free to do so! Our contact info is as follows:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2323
Mont Belvieu, Tx 77580
  Physical Address:
1715 Earl Porter Drive
Mont Belvieu, Tx 77580

Phone#: 281-414-1645
Fax#: 281-576-5413

Thanks once again for checking us out and we look forward to seeing you on the trails!

-Shannon Brookshire