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Originally Posted by OldTruck View Post
Good to hear you got your new locker broken in. I bet you were worried about your daughter's reaction after flopping your rig ... sounds like a gentle lay on the side ... maybe just what she needed for that confidence builder. We ya'll at AR S&G? I guess you're getting ready for that road trip to FN next weekend? Have a good week.
Ya thats right the truck went over nice and easy and with the previous days rain the ground was soft and spongy. That was a good thing couse it gave us a nice soft landing, but if it had been a little more firm I might not have had to spin em, and might have had more controll as well. Yup I,m hyped bout taking the family to FlatNasty this weekend.

Whats left of a 85 Toyota, 22r Slightly Modified, Got propane, lots of tube n stuff.

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