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[FL4WDA] Oct 18 Workday

Here are some pics from last weekend...we put up more signs on the 4WD Route in Ocala National Forest.

Click each for larger.

Meeting and going over the work for the day, around 12-15 volunteers.

Heading out on 573.

Signing a main road.

Signing a main road intersection.

First of many downed trees, this was the smallest.

Axe man.

Gator taking some swings.

Broke axle on trailer fix.

Little bit of retention along the trail.

Trailer got a little wet.

Sink hole.

Pond near sink hole (this is just east of Baptist Lake).

I think we cut out/removed about 8-10 trees in my group (had two groups working) and did so with just hand saws and an axe. I ended up clearing another 5 on some other numbered roads later that day. ONF must have a bunch of downed trees right now from those rain storms a little while back.

Visit our forum (Ocala sub section) for more info and to see when our next work day will be planned. Thanks.
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