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I finally the cutting all but done on the tube and frame. I may tweak the "new" tube that goes over the fender, but we'll see.

I plated the insides of the frame. Notice the seam the rear most plate was part of my old inboard chevy spring mount. I plated all the way up to the trans crossmember. I still need to go back and grind it smooth where I plug welded to the origional frame, and generally just clean up a little.

I've got more cleanup to do on the axle to. The plasma tip was going bad and I gouged the axle a little. Those heavy ass spring perches welded in and out were a good idea at the time but oh my what a pain to remove. You can also see the start of the truss we cut out last weekend. I need to take out some small pie cuts and fold the sides down. then I need to get it sitting level and square. I also noticed my housing may be bent some. I put my angle finder on the pass side and it shows 1, or 2 degrees down towards the 3rd member, put it on the driver side.....same thing 1 or 2degrees down hill towards the 3rd. I'm gonna pull this one off as I always do and just run it till it blows.

Whats left of a 85 Toyota, 22r Slightly Modified, Got propane, lots of tube n stuff.

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