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Originally Posted by jasoncj7 View Post
it is the same, the gps/google maps from the FL4WDA Forum show the 81 miles FL4WDA proposed. however it is hardly the only trails for us to use, its just that we needed some of the trail system designated for our recreation otherwise our group is lumped into the subaru 2wd clubs and its hard to define recreation standards that way. explanation for why we chose what we did is long winded and mentioned in various places online..
So this trail system is for 4wd only or is it shared with atv's?

Originally Posted by jasoncj7 View Post
sorry, not familiar with 37. and do you mean 05-20? the numbering has a meaning to what main road a trail is off from as well as how far it is from other roads. its honestly a bit confusing and i dont think very helpful to the general public...and some officials agree.

all trails listed in the MVUM are for licensed vehicles unless otherwise noted, on the trail these routes are identified with a jeep symbol as is the 4WD trail. the main difference with the 4WD trail is that once off the main roads you should see additional carsonite posts with jeeps and arrows to keep you on the 4WD route but other trails will have this too.
37 is old fire road 598. Hard to find all the new road numbers to what the old way was. Like FR 65 is now just 33. It runs from hwy 40 to Salt springs. The loop we where trying to find is listed as 0520 on the map. It runs just south of Juniper Springs and goes around the Navel Reservation. Below the Naval Reservation there are two different legs that could be taken. The short loop runs 0520 to 0520-A back to 0520. The long loop is just marked as 0520. If I'm right the is the Clermont OHV trail and is like a 42 mile long loop.

Edit: Also what is the difference in the color dots on the Tread lightly tail system?

Thanks for the help Jason

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