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Originally Posted by jasoncj7 View Post
the ohv trails are not for licensed vehicles, those are to be for atv or ohm rigs and is fee based. no licensed trail will have 4 numbers like that without a dash somewhere mixed in.

that link above shows the atv/ohm routes. OHV in the federal forests means unlicensed vehicles.
That's strange
In the Seasonal and Special Vehicle Designations they have for each map it listed where all can and cant go right?

Well they have this there.
This is for map 7

See Route Number Below
Special Vehicle Designation
All Vehicles as listed above under
Special Designation( which is atv's), plus Highway
Legal Vehicles.
Route Beginning Milepost Ending mile post
0520 36.774 36.913
0520 41.721 41.887
0520 42.218 42.316

05-10.0 2.519 2.617
17-1.7 1.750 1.854
22-4.6 1.670 1.836

See the last group of numbers in bold. They are not listed for atv use. So does this mean that to travel on 0520 which says plus highway legal vehicles we will need a permit to travel on them?
This is the same on maps 13-14-15-7-8-9 dealing with route loop 0520

And in that link you just posted they don't even have the Clearmont OHV trail listed. All of them trails are north of lake kerr and the wandering grass is south of Lake Dorr. This loop 0520 circles the US Naval Reservation and the CLearmont OHV trail you turn south off Hwy 40 as the Big wood sign on the side of the road says.

Boy did they sure screw this all up. I'm lost and I'm not even in the woods

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