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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
And in that link you just posted they don't even have the Clearmont OHV trail listed. All of them trails are north of lake kerr and the wandering grass is south of Lake Dorr. This loop 0520 circles the US Naval Reservation and the CLearmont OHV trail you turn south off Hwy 40 as the Big wood sign on the side of the road says.

Boy did they sure screw this all up. I'm lost and I'm not even in the woods
i agree. i see the route you mean now, i dont know about it however id guess its a connector trail for atvs and if you saw jeep signs on it then id guess its a mixed use trail as the description on the map7 indicates. the use of "mixed use trails" is kept at a min to reduce user conflicts and to maintain the trail based on impact (4 wheelers have a different impact than a truck or jeep). its quite possible that the loop has a number (in definition, on the map) but is perhaps not numbered as 0520 on the trail but instead utilizes other numbers or is simply called "TRAIL".

there is only one section of the 4wd route that is seasonal and its a loop within the south west section that goes around long pond, and if they intend for it be observed the signs will *have* to indicate this (ive mentioned as much). the signs have to be maintained and describe the route well so that folks can drive it without a map, that was the whole reason we had so many "signing days" and will likely have others for maintenance.
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