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That's just a plain messed up system. In the def we can go on it but unless it has a jeep sign at some point on the trail we can not?

There are other loops that are marked with the same def's to them

The one we have been talking about "0520" this is a 41 mile long loop. Which I'm sure is the Clearmont OHV Trail but the Clearmont OHV trail is listed no where on the OHV maps.

Another is 0525(48 page map). This is Wandering wire grass trail by lake Dorr as shown on the OHV map.

In the 48 page map it has this listed for it:

All vehicles listed in Special Designation above( ATV's), plus Highway Legal Vehicles and Vehicles 65 inches or less in width, designed to travel on four low-pressure tires and having a bed for cargo.
But this is a OHV trail that's listed as such on the OHV map which we would not be allowed on. How does two maps of the same trail say two different things?

Sorry we as a club where not there to help with the signing days but please let us know when there are others so I can get them set up as events and do are best to get out and help.

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