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Originally Posted by gittinit View Post
I'm pretty darn shure there is no crush sleeve, if I rember right it will have a solid spacer front and rear. Do the marks look fresh? I'll ask lance if the carrier already had the marks. It is likely that it did.

The rear 3rd is a carrier I ran back when I first went to 5.29s. I broke a set of youkons in that 3rd, and at one point, I broke all the teeth off the spider gears, back when I just had the spider gears welded together, but not welded to the carier. It is all welded solid now though.

The marks in the front carrier look fresh to me. I can't tell for sure.. The rear third has the same marks but nowhere near as bad. They appear to be from a previous setup. I'm not gonna ship either one. I'd rather a local buyer look at them in person before they bought them.
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