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Toyzilla in the Stealth Family

So I bought Kevin's (Zanyzonies) old '85 4Runner (Toyzilla) from Brian, and decided even though its pretty much built already, I'd start a thread here and just keep track of what I do to it to make it mine.

I don't know how long it'll take me to get her buttoned up, or how long I'll be able to wait before I take her out for a run... but I should have Zilla "trail ready" in a month or two. I mean, she's a little old and needs some TLC, but is mostly already built as you guys know. Before I take it out and really work it on a hard trail I'd like to order some parts and get some more recovery gear for the rig, work on the winch (replace it if needed), get some new mirrors I can see out of, fix the horn, get a hi-lift jack for it, get a CB and stereo working in it, replace the busted center console so it'll close and stuff will stay in there, etc.

In terms of large items its mostly just the steering (needs a pump at least, and probably a steering box rebuild, Also need to replace the hydro return line, which leaks, or it may just need a whole new PSC setup - it leaks a TON! ), then a few other items like fixing the e-brake (frayed cable that won't release) and wiring up or replacing the aux/rock lights with some LED Tantrums like I put on the D-cab, replacing a cable in the tailgate for the latch so the rear window will go up and down, and then I want to look for some comfortable bucket seats (because the factory ones pretty much suck) and a set of harnesses to replace the worn-out factory belts. It's leaking motor oil too, but it looks like that might just be at the drain plug. Yeah, its just a number of little things that I would like to have working so its both safe and convenient/comfortable for road and trail.

Anyway, here she sits pretty much the way I bought her (all I did at this point is remove some stickers, sand some rust away and spray over the exo with some flat black)...


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