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Update: ATF fluid from the hydro assist leaking onto the alternator fried it internally on the way back from MVD Prescott where we were swapping the title and getting the new registration (valid through August of 2015 for just $65)! Add to that the fact that insurance only runs $25 per month - and I have to say, old rigs rock! But still, draining all the juice out of an Optima Yellowtop when the Alt died left me sitting on the side of the road in my "new" rig at the Bumblebee exit in the rain, waiting for a ride which kinda sucked. I've had my two Tacomas for 12 and 8 years respectively and neither has ever left me stranded like this thing did within a few days of buying it. So now, priority one on this build is to go through the whole thing and fix any little annoying issues like this leaky hydro assist setup and the resulting electrical problem and make this rig reliable again!

I am dealing with the electrical Gremlin in this thing now, trying to figure it all out. Going to pull all the aftermarket wiring to things like rock lights that don't work anyway (wired thru 4 separate switches in the cab!), multiple redundant kill switches hidden all over the truck, etc. When you open the hood aside from all the stickers the first thing you think is, "Damn, what's with all the extra wiring?" The electrical add-ons on this thing leave something to be desired, so I have a bit of work ahead of me sorting it all out. I suck at electical stuff myself, so I might need to recruit some help. But this thing will be ready to go before I take it out again. I hate it when vehicles break down, which is why I love Toyotas. So some TLC is going into Zilla. Its just going to take a little longer than I originally had hoped to get it buttoned up.


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