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Updated the list in previous post with details from previous owners (Thanks Brian)!

How is the rig coming along? OK so far... So the new high output 160 amp alternator came in, but the steering box is out of the Runner and sent off being rebuilt now. A bunch of the old aftermarket wiring has been removed at this point (starting to re-do some of it). Replaced the return line on the hydro assist setup which was leaking. Still need to spend some time cleaning her up a little from all the leaking fluid mess where it splashed and dripped all over everything inside the engine bay, hood and underneath, etc. I thought I had a line on a slightly used set of racing seats but that fell through, so I might just buy some cheap new ones. Still looking into it.

Melanie and I are leaving for 19 days of fun in Costa Rica soon, so this'll be on hold until I get back. But its getting done - slowly but surely. Was gonna post up pics with the new wheels and tires (15 x 8 aluminum Outlaw II wheels and a set of BFG MT KM2s in 35 12.5 15) for mixed weekday commuting and weekend wheeling while we are on the job in SoCal this year. I'll try to get some pics up when we get back from vacation.


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