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Colorado and BV Carnage

So we towed Zilla out here to Colorado for some summer wheeling with friends. Managed to get her through Black Bear Pass, Imogene Pass, Hurricane Pass, Poughkipsie Gulch, 21 Road, Holy Cross, Iron Chest and most of BV Carnage before she disintegrated on me. Tons of fun wheeling up here in CO while it lasted. But Zilla is broken again. I bound her up climbing on the driver's side pivoting through a squeeze about 2/3 of the way through BV Carnage when the front diff blew. Before the night was through the steering box developed a leak and started puking ATF. Some teflon tape and a bit of wrenching seemed to have solved that problem at least enough to get back to the trailer. Then the winch saw too much use trying to get her off the trail in 2wd and developed a short of some kind, then overloaded and blew the main fuse in the box (twice). Then she fried the high output alternator, and eventually ripped one of the rear spring hangers clean off of the frame rail and the other about 90% off (they were booger welded to the thin factory frame rails out near the end with no boxing or reinforcement, so that was probably inevitable).

Time to go on another parts search and do some frame reinforcement/rebuilding.


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