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Colorado Wheeling

In short, I headed up to Buena Vista for the Toyota Jamboree, and ended up staying for 9 days of awesome wheeling all around the state...

Started things off on Sunday on Old Chinaman's Gulch with the crowd that stuck around for more wheeling after the Jambo was officially over.

Bad idea..

Towards the end of the trail, you can check out the exit to Carnage, part of which runs alongside OCG. More on this trail later

Yep, that's the line

Then I drove down to Ouray to meet up with JeepGuy and Stealth.

The next day the 3 of us hit Black Bear Pass.


At the top

Instead of enjoying the view...

Snow, and lots of it, in August!

Heading down towards Telluride.

What a bunch of posers

After enjoying some burgers and brew in Telluride, we headed up Imogene Pass, where we camped @ around 10,000 feet.

Looking back at the ski slopes, we were headed for much higher elevations.

The view from camp

In the morning

Tomboy ghost town

Heading further up the hill

I think it was 113° in Phoenix this day

Getting near the top.

Look left..

Look right..

Buddy was intrigued by the white stuff

Knew I should have brought my skis

Some Jeep stuff I'll never understand..

Yep, a fried 'Spal' fan

Luckily, the Jeep offed itself towards the end of the trail, so Stealth and I had time to run Poughkeepsie Gulch later in the day.

John decided to play around on an optional obstacle

Further on up the mountain it started rain / hail / snowing on us.

Wet tires + slippery rock = not going anywhere

Hey look, a slip-n-slide right into a pool!

Apparently the storm we caught at the top of the pass had caused some havoc on the highway.

Once back in Ouray we grabbed some burgers and brew and headed to Grand Junction.

02 TuRD with a shiny new frame & 82 Pickup that collects dust
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