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Wednesday 10 August 2011

I get the trailer tire replaced at the local Discount Tire and notice that one of the other tires has a crack in it, so I replace that one as well. Thatís 3 new trailer tires in the past 3 weeks now. I figure I should be good on the trailer now so we load up the truck and head down to Santa Fe, NM for some hiking. I almost got to Pueblo when I noticed that trailer vibration again. I pull over and sure enough, ANOTHER tire is separated. I change that out, find the nearest Discount Tire to replace my 4th trailer tire, and take it in. The tire I want, they donít have, so I have to settle for another shitty Chinese Carlise tire , but since itís the spare and as long as I donít use it, then I can swap it for the one I do want at another Discount Tire. I drop it off and use the time to get the food shopping done for the remainder of our trip. When I get back to Discount to pick up my new tire, they are scrambling to find my tire & wheel. After looking everywhere and determining what happened they tell me that they accidently gave my wheel and tire away to a different customer. We are already hours behind schedule to arrive in Santa Fe at a reasonable time and now we have this to deal with.

The manager says that he will replace my wheel (which was a brand new wheel that was barely used and by far the one in the best condition), but all he has is black wheels and mine are all white. So I have no choice but to take this odd ball black wheel as my spare and wait to have a tire mounted again. He tells me that any Discount Tire will swap it out for me for a white one when I get to Phoenix, and I shouldnít have a problem finding one in Phoenix. I call the Discount Tire in Santa Fe to see what they have and they say that they have the tire I wanted in the first place AND a white wheel. Great, but I still have to spend more fawking time at the tire shop on my vacation.

I get the new black wheel and tire and Iím finally on my way to Santa Fe. On the way to NM on I-25 I see the remnants of a really bad accident from the morning. I heard earlier something about 3 guys from Georgia or somewhere around there who shot at a Police officer and were on the run and spotted in CO. They were spotted at the REI in CO Springs the night before, which we just stopped at before we left CO Springs that morning, and caused a bad accident on the I-25 South of Pueblo this morning. This sequence of events was playing through my head when we passed about a dozen cop cars all along the I-25 on the way to NM. It sure seemed like these guys were headed in the exact same direction we were, and they were just at REI buying camping gear. It seemed a good idea to try to convince my wife that we should maybe camp in a designated campground instead of just off some forest road when we get to Santa Fe. As luck would have it, thatís exactly how it worked out and we found a nice site at a campground at 10,000 feet and never saw the white Subaru they were looking for. It did take us all day to finally get there though and we didnítí get to camp until about midnight.

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