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Sean's "Toymixer" build

I bought a 1986 Toyota 4runner from a guy this Spring for basically parts. It has had a SAS with high pinion ARB front and Detroit in the rear with 5.29s, marlin high steer... read here for what it is. taking the drive terrain from this 4runner to build what I want. If you're interested in a bobbed 4runner body and top, a 20/22 RE engine/wiring harness let me know.
Putting all of this together to make a 93 extra cab build. Just today I located a 93 extra cab for cheap, that hopefully works out.

The plan:
1. Use the gears and lockers from the 4Runner.
2. Dual case adapter has been purchased. About to buy the 4.7 gears this week.
3. I have a completely rebuilt 3RZ engine from a 1996 T-100. Balance shafts removed is about the only upgrade done for HP gains.
4. Put the 93 extra cab on a solid axle frame.
5. Slap it all together and have another trail rig...

Any questions or details you guys would like post up...

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