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Well, I got a new high pinion third with a Detroit locker ready to go into Zilla if I ever get any free time from work. MrDoug has been doing some welding and fabbing up some slick new spring and shackle hangers for the Chevy 63's in the rear, fabbed a new rear crossmember, and is tracking down some electrical gremlins, etc.

Those rear spring hangers were hanging me up a lot on Carnage Canyon. The more forward mounting position necessary for the longer Chevy 63's puts the hanger closer to the breakover point than it is with shorter factory springs, so the steep angle of the hangers that were on there made great rock anchors! I am stoked to be getting nice ramped hangers that I am more likely to be able to grind over and keep rolling down the trail. So the rebuilding and parts collecting has been under way for a while. I just haven't posted up until now.

She's got a working high output (160 amp) alternator BTW, and the Optima battery is still good... oh and the rear window goes up and down now that it has been properly wired, so I can actually use the swing-out tire carrier, roll down the window, drop the tailgate and get to the tools and spares in the bed without climbing in from the front. That'll be convenient. I've got a new set of Tantrums to install for night run use, and will have to play with the lights front and rear. I might setup some backup lights like I did on the D-cab so I can see behind me. Still looking for a set of seats, mounts and harnesses and might be lifting the seat height a bit for improved visibility.

What else? ...I got the parts I needed to set up the AllPro pinion parking brake. The inside frame rails at the transfer case skid mounting locations have begun to cave in some, so the frame is going to need some plating added in there. That'll be a project in itself. I still need to collect some trail spares like driveshafts, and have the old front third rebuilt as a spare. No idea because I have not torn into it yet, but I wonder if the lock-rite locker is toast along with the R&P in that old front third.

There is some footage of Zilla on Carnage Canyon from last year posted up here...

Anyway, there is still plenty to do and plenty more I haven't listed here. But its happening slowly but surely. Zilla is being revitalized. Stay tuned.


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