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Starting in on the front end...

Here you can see the previously fabricated angle iron front crossmember addition and the front spring hangers (welded to the body mounts). That angle iron piece and the spring hangers are going.

After some
... Out with the old. This is all being replaced with a new front cross member from Sky's Offroad that comes with integrated front spring hangers which is getting welded right to the frame and across the plated factory crossmember. No tearing the front spring hangers off the frame like I did with the rear hangers on this rig the last time I took it out to Carnage!

Oh, and that steering stabilizer is going away as well.

Here's the new crossmember that is going in...

That open bottom edge of the Sky's Offroad crossmember is going to get boxed in with plate as well. Where's the beef!


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