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Front Third Member Carnage

No surprise here, but this is a sample of what I found inside the axle housing when I pulled the front diff...

It looks like that Lock-Rite locker might have survived the carnage when the ring and pinion blew up. But have a look at how those teeth blew completely off. Looks like good R&P engagement, just too much for the gears to take. Zilla needs to loose some weight and/or I need to learn to wheel some easier trails! I know what you're thinking... Tons, right?

I took this diff down to ZUK to have it rebuilt for use as a trail spare, since I replaced the front with the HP diff. ZUK got back to me after tearing into the diff, and reports that he did not set up that diff, and it has the cheapest ring gear ever made (the economy Genuine Gear)... So I don't feel so bad about blowing it up on something that did not seem big enough to justify it blowing. I was misled with regards to that diff... probably by mistake. Both Kevin and Brian seem like stand-up guys, and I have no problem giving them the benefit of the doubt. The rear was definitely ZUK's work. But this one was not. It is being rebuilt by ZUK now!

Lots of parts in the front axle, knuckles, etc...

Pulled the studs from the housing to be replaced with new ones.

The Longfields are still looking shiny and new, which is good. No hub gear carnage either...

I went ahead and pulled the engine's oil pan since it was leaking from a clearly overtightened old school cork gasket which was popping out the sides. The bottom end of the engine looked OK to me from what I could see from underneath. I also cleaned up the oil pan inside and out, went over all the gasket surfaces to clean it all up, wiped it down with brake cleaner and slapped on some black RTV/FIPG. Hopefully it stops dripping motor oil onto everything, or at least slows down some.

We picked up some button-head bolts for the front third, and all the grease, fluids, filters, etc. needed to bleed and service everything.

Been taking some time to spray, wipe, scrape, burn, etc. off some of the built up oil, dirt, grease, ATF, oversprayed spray-on undercoat, and just general layer of gunk all over the rig basically from the oil pan down. I pulled that steering stabilizer off. Prepping to weld on the new front crossmember, but after a test fit I see I need to do some more grinding.

Stay tuned. More pics to follow.


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