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So Doug and I have become obscenely close with an angle grinder these last few days. I got the passenger side knuckle rebuilt and filled the front diff with gear oil, got the tie rod and drag link bolted back on. Then we moved on to grinding and prepping the front crossmember to be welded in. Ended up with several contaminated welds despite our best efforts to prep, since the front factory crossmember has been plated and there is a thin layer of grease and gunk in between the plating and the crossmember that gets drawn down into the welds. So weld, grind it out, reweld, grind, etc until we got nice clean welds for the most part - a la MrDoug.

We had to remove the radiator to get in and weld the back side of the crossmember, and had to remove an intake hose to pull the radiator out. Enough room to work now...

Boxed in the front crossmember with 1/4 wall plate before mounting it on the Runner.

Measured and made adjustments once, twice, three, four times and then got the crossmember welded in place. Still need to add some square tube supports beneath the winch mount connecting the bumper to both the factory and the aftermarket front crossmembers for support to replace the round tube we cut out. Also welded the front bumper to the frame and crossmember where it was just bolted on before.


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