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More Bumper and Winch Work

We are using .188-wall 2-inch square tube for the back bumper support bracing. Now to make 3 more...

Rear frame plating (1/4-inch plate) for the back bumper tie-ins along the sides of the frame rails. We also drilled a couple holes for rosette welds near the top of the rails. Once th back bumper is all buttoned up and tied into the exo cage, I'll snap some pics showing all these bits in their final position.

Bye bye roller fairlead (sticks out so far I kept bashing it on the rocks and hanging up), hello hawse fairlead from Bulldog Winch Co. for use with steel cable winch line.

Much better. Also had to tear into the winch and pull out the planetary gear set to unstick and free up the free spool function. There was a collar that had gotten rusted shut inside and had some sand in it. The collar slides to disengage the gears, but couldn't slide across all that rust and crud until it was cleaned up, smoothed over and polished up a bit with some wet-dry. Worked on it a little and it came together. That lithium marine grease stuff is messy! Had to get out the old and regrease with new before reassembly. That is some thick, sticky grease. No pics of the inside of the winch, as I was too messy to be grabbing my phone. But now the free spool works! Today I might open up the winch control box and just check that out to make sure it's all good.


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