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Rear Bumper is Done!

Here is a look at the 1/4-inch frame plating we added to the factory frame rail at the bumper's side support braces.

Another look underneath the back of the Runner at the new fab work. All of the new rear bumper attachments tie in to beefed up framework. The frame rails where the side supports tie in have 1/4 wall rectangular tube slid down inside the rails and welded in, in addition to the 1/4 wall plating added to the outside of the frame rails at the tie in points. The back bumper supports tie into the new 1/4 wall 2x3-inch rectangular tube cross member between the frame rails. And the bumper is also welded to 6 down tubes of the exo cage, 3 at each corner.

On to the next item on the list... I cut off the old 1/4-inch T-case skid crossmember tabs/mounts that were caving in the inside of the frame rail. The two tabs on the left were for running a single case setup, the two on the right were for the current dual T-case setup, which is where the real issue is. I still have some grinding to do before the new frame plating and new mounts can go on. We can start fabricating those peices soon. But here is how it looks tonight.

Oh I also opened up the winch control box and found a wire rubbed through on one side. Fixed that and put it all back together. One of the mounting bolts on the bracket that holds the control box was missing. So I replaced it. So that was all pretty easy. I free spooled out about 50 feet of winch line by hand (nice to be able to do that now) and respooled the wire on the drum. The winch all seems to be functioning properly now.


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