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AllPro Pinion E-brake Installed

So today I put the new AllPro Triple X Dual T-Case Crossmember pinion E-brake parts on the rig to replace the ones that got blown up when the driveshaft went flying down the highway. It would have been nice if AllPro actually had sent me the 6-inch piece of 3/8ths fine threaded all-thread needed to adjust the brake with the kit. Ace Hardware had what I needed to get it all together... Had to pull the drive shaft and flange off the back of the T-case to get the disk installed. So Doug broke out the shop press and after a little while I got into some RTV black and a torque wrench to button it back up. Nice to have a parking brake again, though.

I also finished installing the last couple of Tantrum rock lights on Zilla, and went over the rig looking for loose bolts, tried out all the electronics, lights, etc. to make sure everything is working properly. Screwed back on some trim pieces, now that all the wire has been strung. Still need to extend the exhaust pipe out to the back of the rig, and I think we're going to weld some .120-wall end caps on these open tube ends that the original builder never capped off.


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