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Originally Posted by Scuba View Post

Link. Please. Please. I have got to see this.

I'm estimating under $7500 all together for my swap. Will have a total once I'm done. He could pay someone $30k for a whole swap, with parts.
Granted, the dude has bought some really nice stuff... Just pointing out that if you don't make a plan and set some goals and do some research, you can easily end up blowing way too much money and getting all sorts of wrong and/or unnecessary parts.

I just reread his first post and he estimated "$5000-6500" for it built and "done right"... Hopefully it does turn out super sweet, but damn, that is a shit ton of money...and obviously his cost ballooned out super quickly and it looks like a lack of planning and research could be the main reason. IMHO anyway....
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