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TTORA members - then... and now...

I'll post some pics.
All started around 2009 ish. First ttora member I met was Rolison... How appropriate. Went to windrock with him and Knoxville guys quite a bit. I was wheeling the 88 at that time.

Emily and I were right around 20 and still dating. We were both in school in Chattanooga. I also had hair on my head then.

Fast forward to now: Quite a bit different.

Emily and I have been married 2.5 years, live in Cleveland, both have jobs we enjoy (engineer and respiratory therapist), and just welcomed our first son, Rowan into the world on November 28th.

As far as wheeling goes, not in the 88 anymore. Upgraded to a 97 and like it a whole lot more. Mostly the same mods as the 88 though. Still wheeling windrock mostly and around the Chattanooga area.

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