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My first trip was back in 06. Bear talked me into driving my stock tacoma from Michigan to Arkansas for national takeover....this was the first time i met Colin.

My first SETO was a year or two later in Tellico. This was the year we got horrible directions from map quest and as a result 99TanTaco, Nev2Dep, and myself end up dragging (quit literally) a 2 wheel drive extended cab long box f250 towing a 18' trailer over trail 1 (back before it was smooth at all) at 2 am.....we finally made it to Crawfords only to be greated by a drunk 5keepers (at least some things never change lol)

In all i have been to 6 seto's....2 in tellico, 1 in tracy city, 2 in windrock, 1 in Harlan

Today i roll in this

The only Toyota parts are the cab and frame.....and as soon as i can afford a buggy chasis those are history...i still hang out here because i have made some great friends and always have fun. I don't see myself leaving this hobby anytime soon. I love it, my girlfriend loves it and it's always a good time

~ Todd

85 ex. cab 1 tons, coilovers, ect

09 Dodge Ram 2500 w/ a Cummins.....Tow rig
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