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Started TTORA in 2007, started with a 1997 4runner, which I ended up building up and destroying, then trading.

Traded the 4runner for a sas taco and built that up.

Traded that taco for an ifs single cab taco.

Was in 88cleverunner's wedding.

In 2012, left Tennessee and headed West to Colorado. Ended up Selling my single cab and building up another 4runner.

Got Engaged in July this year to a Michigan Girl and getting hitched next year.

Ive also been through 3 lesmobiles:



Now selling the 4runner and last forester for a newer double cab Tacoma, for once I am looking for an automatic truck haha.

I am General Corrosion

Corrosion: - 97 4runner 2.7 (fat and slow) lost but not forgotten
Shorter Bus: - 98 taco 2.7 300k miles (fat, old and slow) lost but not forgotten
Short Round: - 97 single cab (2' of sheet metal) Now doing pizza delivery
Too nice: - 99 4runner 3.4 5spd ski/expo wagon
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