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Bought my truck in 2004 completely stock with real pizza cutter 235/75/15's open open with 3.58 gears and started wheeling the crap out of it. Haven't looked back since, spent a little bit here and there to replace, upgrade parts along the way. Met a bunch of cool Toyota owners I love to meet up with now and then when they decide to get out and wheeeeeeelllllllll!!!! was this little green truck that shouldn't have been able to do anything. And now it's a little green truck with 35's locked front and rear with a very little lift and somehow keeps not being able to do much of anything to impress anybody. Sorry for the long post but I am an idiot on the computer and can't post pics but have been told I'm a pretty good driver so maybe that makes up for something. I really think the truck just has a mind of her own she goes when she wants to and still amazes the crap out of me everytime I wheel her. Really the looks of my truck haven't changed a lot over the years other than the bumps and bruises along the way. Can't wait to see you all soon. When are we all going wheeling?
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