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Originally Posted by Bluegrassen View Post
I rarely see anyone post here anymore. Whats up? Is there another TN TTORA site or has everyone lost interest?

I check in here several times a day, always sad when I see a blue folder beside the TN link at the bottom of the TTORA Forum. Not going to lie, got a little excited when I saw TN had some new posts when I checked just now haha. I was fortunate enough to be around and just getting started wheeling when the GA board and the old TN board were still quite popular. Not so much anymore though.

I've been pretty inactive due to our son being born. Hoping to get started again this summer when we get more into a routine now that Emily has started working again.

I'm pretty sure Darren and Evan still go wheeling quite a bit. Evan's pretty involved in the Titan Offroad group and I think they go at least once a month. Haven't been able to go with them for reasons mentioned before.

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