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I am probably gonna end up sounding like a a$$hole here but oh well.

The problem is not location, date, or anything else. The problem is people (myself included) whining, bitching and generally carrying on about how the event is not 100% what they want or where they want, when they want, ect. Stfu! Not one of you is willing to step up and help with it so therefore you have no say. Once one person bitches it snowballs and then next thing you know you have a bunch of people bitching and not attending solely because that's the stand someone else took. And its over stupid crap. It's live in the south, it's gonna be hot. It's too far away....since when is a 3-4 hour drive too far...that's nothing. It just drives me nuts.

This event belongs in Harlan and i like the labor day date. You said you wanted a park to take over....well with harlan you get an entire town. Yes, the campground isn't super nice...oh well. You have gas, food, parts, anything you could want right there, and the wheeling is second to none.

I have been to 6 Seto's in 4 parks.

2 in absolute favorite place i have ever wheeled...but it's gone
1 in Tracy least favorite. Long ride to wheel, trail guides, whole thing was hurry up and wait.
2 in Windrock.....i am neutral here....i like the park, it served the event well, i like the trails and wheeling.
1 in Harlan.....i loved it....orv friendly community, great trail system, ect.

My opinions

If there is a labor day event i will be there....i am not scrared to drive a couple miles. October dates do not work for me.

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