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Nicole, you and Colin stop putting so much pressure on yourselves to make it look like the Super Bowl. Regardless, the people who are there will have a great time. It won't be like it was 5 years ago. Those time were great and we keep remembering those times. Like you have said, life happens. It killed me to not go last year but I cant drive to KY. Not anyone's problem, just my choice. As for Saturday night raffles, again, take the stress out and more focus on grills, drinks, jokes and general good times. Trail guides were awesome back then but folks are gonna ride with groups of good friends and/or jump in with a group of their trail level. Everybody knows the effort that has been put in back then and appreciates it. Todd spelled it out and Ed has said it.."Let's wheel!" Let the masses decide on a destination and a date and be there if you can make it. It just works that way. If you can't make it, see you next time. Bring your chair, tent, cooler and a spare tire. That's how we all met years ago and here we are still. It just works. Happy Father's Day!
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